Anbievolution was founded in 1998, it pursues its activity in the textile sector, where it specialises in the production and sale of all types of circular knits. Its end result is the fashion industry, namely underwear and outerwear.
Anbievolution represents a new market approach, high quality standards, constant attention to the needs of its customers and has a great capacity to respond to market demands.
It has its own knitwear collection, the result and an integral part of a detailed monitoring of the main trends in fashion by its creative team.
Beyond the consolidated presence in the Portuguese market, it works directly with some of the largest international groups, especially in the Private Label format.

innovative, competitive and
socially responsible

Looking at the Bigger Picture

Anbievolution was created to become a benchmark partner in the national and international textile sector. Its strategic foundation is the careful selection of its partners, decisions that validate the sustainability of the business and a strategic 360º vision. It is innovative, focused on its customers, competitive and socially responsible.

Winning Aspiration

Our mission rests on building an efficient organisational structure, based on plain, transparent and precise business processes. Our goal is to sell textile products based on dedicated service, of the highest quality, and aimed at satisfying and retaining the loyalty of our strategic partners with an attitude of continuous improvement.

Values and Skills

We do not complicate things, and appreciate honesty, transparency, ethics, simplicity, precision, flexibility, dedication, teamwork, speed and objectivity.
We believe that this is the only way to carry out our role, and thus be able to deal with the opportunities and threats of the sector.