Global Market

Economic globalisation goes beyond borders, different languages, habits and customs. It creates a New World. This context encourages new business opportunities. However, it is extremely demanding when we try to enjoy these same benefits. Thus, we must develop privileged access channels for the global market for micro and small companies.
We are an active partner, focused on the future and on excellence in the development, production and sale of Circular Knits in the international context.


By safeguarding the interests of its business partners, Anbievolution provides a Sourcing service, by consistently seeking the best suppliers of textile raw materials and additional services.

Know How

Over the years, the team of professionals at Anbievolution acquired and consolidated significant know-how in the various segments of the textile sector. This accumulated experience translates into the quality of its services and products, the trust and loyalty of its customers and the “speed” of its ability to respond to market demands. We carefully analyse and study the main trends of fashion and the rest of the textile sector in order to provide our customers with unique conditions and alternatives for making their selection.


This is where we do almost all of our product testing. Our Laboratory meets all of the technical requirements to ensure the quality of our services and tests, according to the standards and requirements established by our customers. All tests are done with accuracy, exclusivity and impartiality. Anbievolution has a team of professionals with all of the skills needed to carry out excellent and confidential work, providing our customers with recognised quality.


According to the specifications and criteria of our customers, we select and provide sample of different types of knitwear from our collection for their respective evaluation. We also develop samples of knitwear in grass-roots projects when requested.

Design and Creative Consulting

Our priority is to establish the most perfect working relationship with our customers in order to recognise their needs in detail. Our creative team works independently with every customer and every project, not just according to their requests, but also offering viable alternatives and progress recommendations.