Accounts closure 2016 « voltar

The internationalization of our business will continue to be an essential determinant of our growth in the coming years. Internationalization is one of our key strategic priorities and we will continue to invest in the opportunity to strengthen our international presence and to transform Anbievolution into an internationally recognized corporation.
"... the progresses achieved along the main strategic lines were relevant and the business results, although difficult, were good."
The year 2016 was a positive one, we made a significant increase in the internationalization strategy, based on the implementation of the Portugal 2020 project, which allowed the business to achieve a much greater demand and strategic focus, while also increasing the flexibility and agility necessary to face thefrequent changes in the framework in the textile sector.
We have put the company in the areas that we have identified with the greatest potential, with the necessary resources to open growth channels, especially in logistics, quality control and commercial sectors. We invested in the reinforcement of critical skills through training, adequate hiring, equipment acquisitions and executed the plan of reduction of the financial costs under the exploration.
We have increased the competitiveness of our textile circular knitwear offerings by investing more aggressively in price and convenience for customers, valuing the fashion offer and facilitating the purchase process of customers, namely by increasing the number of sales representatives. We developed new concepts of specialized knits and rationalized the collection with positive impacts on sales by number of references and lowering overall costs in the structure of the product value chain.