Encerramento de Contas 2015

Closing Accounts 2015 « voltar

The Anbievolution closed the accounts for the year 2015 with positive results. In addition to the increase in its turnover and consequent trade flow, it reduced its operating costs becoming more efficient.
The continuous and sustained progress from the new line of strategic actions enabled the achievement of a consolidated financial structure, verifying good solid  ratios, return on equity and good indicators of economic and financial growth.
As part of the brand renewal, the year 2015 was also marked by the launch of a completely renovated website, providing new features and a more intuitive navigation for its visitors, reflecting a more modern presentation.

It is a structure with 16 years of existence, characterized by business results always growing in the domestic market, without exception year. This also occurs within the foreign market which is reinforced by the synergy achieved by the operational program of competitiveness and internationalization.
Growth in international business  not only boosted the results but also reflected the success of Antievolution's bet on the internationalization and synchronization with our strategic objectives.
For 2016, the plans are based on "consolidating the existing business initiatives in the internal market and ensure internationalization as a priority, adapting our decisions to the risks of the current global macroeconomic situation.”