Presentation of New Collection in London Textile Fair 2016

Presentation of New Collection in London Textile Fair 2016 « voltar

We set our presence as exhibitor at another edition of "London Textile Fair", London.

We will present some standards that cross the geometric with floral, sparkles, humorous collections, bold and very intentional mixing fibers. Among other knitting groups, we intend to expose American and Italian Fleece, Jerseys, Interlocks and many Rib's.

For the cold season we expect wait calm colors and worn by time, such as mustard, silver, gray, beige, and brown. There will still be time to celebrate the blue, complemented with neutral, and red, which has a special place in this collection.

The flamê, smooth, the lurex metallic and the inevitable black "classic", always welcome, will also have a constant presence throughout the collection, however, we find some lighter combinations, such as off-white to escape the obvious and minimize the dark and almost dramatic aspect of winter looks.

Thinking again on hot days, we will present proposals to release the purple, continuing to endure the magenta and the color pink. We witness the resurgence of blue, not only as a basic color but also as a fashion color. Some saturated shades such as mustard green, yellow-gold prohibited combinations of orange and red, add a strong dose of energy ingredients.

We will also present a small line of knitwear living in tones and natural materials such as linen and silk.

We intend to contribute and offer a great deal of inspiration to our partners in the development of all their collections.